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This is a before and after sequence of chipped, irregular, stained teeth being replaced or restored with porcelain laminate veneers. The front four teeth now have a much more pleasing appearance and the gums are enhanced to their preferred healthy pink color due to the smooth surface of the laminates that help shed plaque and stains.

Our porcelain laminate veneers look as natural as can be. This is the completed view of a patient having had their front teeth restored that were previously chipped, stained, and rotated. They now present with a very attractive smile free from staining and successful for years to come.

Here is a tooth-colored, all-ceramic crown. These teeth, with an artistic touch, can look as lifelike as real teeth and have the corrected porcelain composition to chew like your own teeth, if not better. They protect and preserve the natural tooth underneath.

Without the need for lengthy orthodontic treatment, this patient's needs were met, as well, with the treatment of porcelain veneers to recreate a more appealing smile. This corrected rotation, gaps, food traps, and puffy gums. The result is both healthier and more esthetic.

This patient has not only graduated from college, but has asked to "graduate" her smile to the next level with porcelain laminate veneers. The years of wearing the prior plastic bonding had not fully corrected the patient's needs and desires for her professional future. The worn edges, staining, and gaps at the gum line were not going to carry a professional tone at upcoming interviews and career opportunities. The patient's confidence has been as enhanced as her educational abilities and career opportunities.